Advanced Female Fertility Profile

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advanced female fertility profile

Advanced Female Fertility Profile in
Bopal Ahmedabad

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If a woman has been actively trying to get pregnant for more than a year by having unprotected intercourse on a regular basis with her partner, she should consider fertility testing. After six months of trying to conceive, a woman over the age of 35 should seek fertility testing. Infertility affects both men and women equally, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, thus both partners should be evaluated.

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  •  FSH
  •  LH
  •  Prolactin
  •  DHEA-S
  •  TSH
  •  Testosterone
  •  Anti Mullerian Hormone
  •  USG Pelvis (TVS)
  • Recommended for age: 18-60 Years
  • Report Time : 12 Hrs
  • Sample Collection : Free
  • Fasting Time: N/A